Stirring tea (and stirring and stirring...)

What's the worst thing about getting iced tea at a restarurant? I'd say it's getting the sugar to dissolve when you want it sweet and they don't have it already sweetened. @Mtnbikgirl and I were having lunch at the Mustard Seed Bistro a week or so ago, and while she was stirring their delicious tea (trying to get the sugar to dissolve), she said something about wishing that there was a liquid sweetener available at restaurants, something like simple syrup. We talked about it and came up with the idea of putting simple syrup into single serving packets for restaurants to have available for their customers. Why hadn't anybody thought of this? Was this something that we could put together and get out there to save tea drinkers countless hours of futile tea stirring?

I started looking into whether anybody else was already providing a product like this, and I searched for packaging companies that would produce single serving packets. I started asking a few people what for their thoughts on the idea, and everybody thought it was a good one. Basically, I started brainstorming the idea, and then, this morning, I tried a new search. This time, instead of searching for something along the lines of "single serving simple syrup", I searched for "liquid sugar packets". Come to find out, liquid sugar is regularly provided in Japan, and there's already some available here in the US called Kelly's Delight. I think I'm gonna put in an order for some Kelly's Delight to try it out, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for restaurants to start making it, or something like it, available at their tables. Sweet tea Nirvana, here we come.