Must do: Create

I've been thinking lately about imposing a daily requirement on myself. Something like "I must create for one hour per day." I see the stuff that my brother does (no picture there of the cool new knife he made yet), my sister too (ask to see some of her drawings or journal covers, maybe she'll post them to her blog), or my friend Micaiah's musings (you must read his post on violence in movies)(oh yeah, he paints too), and I either feel inspired or a bit discouraged about my slackitude. I need to get back on that creative train! The last significant creative thing I did was my album Pluckings back in 2000 I think. There has been a little creativity, such as periodic posts here, or the 365 daily self-portraits, but I need to make some rules to ensure that I move some of the time I spend on consuming over to creating. Any recommendations on what I should require of myself?