"Have I entered an alternate reality?"

That was my question today at lunch today when a couple of my friends talked about their belief in Reptilians. Seriously, they believe that shape shifting lizard people from another planet walk among us. The scary thing is that these are normal guys, guys I count as good friends, not some sorry sots afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia. Of course they believe that the US government arranged 9/11 and that the Illuminati (who happen to be Reptilians) are running the world. (I'm surprised they haven't brought up chemtrails yet.) Am I supposed to listen to this BS and pretend that it has any relation to reality? Sorry, not gonna happen, even if it makes me look like the close minded skeptic. I'm going to ridicule these ideas and ask for evidence, and some vague comment about dark matter making up 90% of the universe isn't going to cut it.

I hope you will join me and speak up for reality if you find yourself in this type of situation.